The Properties


Address Old Avoca Rd
Adelaide Lead VIC 3465

Arthur Martin (1908 – 1986), purchased the property at Adelaide Lead in 1943 and relocated the house and family to be closer to the town facilities of Maryborough. His wife, Lalie, ran the Adelaide Lead Post Office from the house from 1943 until the mid 1950s – one of the few female post mistresses at the time.  The land has been rehabilitated over many years by the Martin Family.   Alan’s father, Frank Martin, worked with his father on the family farm and taught his sons the skills and knowledge of farming, and also encouraged their love of the bush and the environment.

Gold was discovered at Adelaide Lead in 1854 and at its peak there were over 5000 people living in the district. However, its glory was short-lived and the area became a farming community from the mid 1860s although there are many remnants of the golden years.

The area now consists of farming land surrounded by the Paddy Ranges State Park.

Glen Derra

Address Gwydir Hwy
Delungra NSW 2403

“Glen Derra” is great breeder country, and fittingly home to the bulk of the breeder herd.  An ideal property for running fit and functional cattle.   Tough enough country with sweet patches and some good fodder cropping paddocks.